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ACCOA Center for Active Living

ACCOA Center for Active Living is now in its 49th year. It is a great place for people to go during the day. For individuals who need an outlet, need some social support, need some friendship, we invite them to come to ACCOA Center for Active Living.

We are hoping to keep them active physically and mentally. We want to give them a space where they can get together, they can communicate, they can have a sense of growth. We want to offer them computer classes, we want to help them with technology that might be a little bit daunting for them. We also try to offer other things to keep them mentally engaged.

We encourage people to come in and see what we have here. Take advantage of some of the wonderful things that we can offer. Stay up with our events by visiting our calendar page on the website. Sign up to receive our monthly newsletter that will keep you informed about activities. There are many ways to be involved. Call today 440-998-6750. Hours are 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday thru Friday. Visit our facebook for more about upcoming events. Go to our facebook page now


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