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Membership Benefits

The Benefits of the Center For Active Living

Stay Active and Healthy

One of the first and most important benefits to mention is the ability for older adults to stay healthy and active. There are lots of classes that focus on exercise and mobility and that is obviously a vital thing for all older adults. We know that mobility can suffer as we age but we can stay mobile and fit when we exercise. 

Meet New People and Make Friends

It is also about being social. People who might not have many friends or family living close to them can really benefit from attending the Center regularly and making the most of all the activities that are going on there. They will make new friends who are in the same situation as them and are of a similar age.  

Avoid Boredom and Isolation

Many older adults living alone can get bored and start feeling isolated as well. Feeling lonely and isolated leave many older adults lost and with nothing interesting to fill their time with.  Interaction with peers, and a community support can help prevent senior isolation and lead to improved physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Engage Your Mind

Engaging your mind is a crucial part of what you can do at the Center. There are a lot of activities and learning opportunities that get older adults thinking and learning. This is important because an active mind is a healthy one. 

Learn Things You Never Thought You Would

With so many learning opportunities offered at the Center for Active Living, there is nothing stopping you from learning new things. Of course, the activities and classes on offer there will change regularly. But you should find something that is interesting to you and that allows you to expand your horizons.

Do Things You Have Never Done Before

It is not just about learning new things; it is also about doing things that you have never done before. After all, experiences are what matter most of all in life, and that is always been the case. If there are things in life but you have never had the chance to, you never know; your local senior center might be the place that gives you the opportunity to do it. The Center offers everything from art classes to field trips; there is something new and interesting for everyone.

Get Transportation Help

Transport and mobility can often be a problem for older adults, but the Center can help with transport to get you to and from the center. In addition, to providing transportation to help you run essential errands. 

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