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The Complete ACCOA Center for Active Living Guide
(Best Services, Activities & Programs)

Considering The ACCOA Center for Active Living?

People are staying active and healthy longer because of better medicines, advances in technology and overall better medical practices. This allows older adults to stay independent longer, which is great, but it also means they frequently spend more time by themselves. Our center provides a supportive community that promotes independence.

Staying busy is very important. Finding new ways to socialize and to stay engaged becomes harder as we grow old, which can make finding activities a bit challenging.

For older adults, those needs can be fulfilled by making use of senior resources and senior centers. They are a terrific place with a lot to offer.   


“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”

Mark Twain

What does the ACCOA Center for Active Living do?

The Center for Active Living is a place where adults come together, offering resources, activities, and programs that adults can take part in collectively. Those programs are designed to meet the needs of the people in the area.

The Center for Active Living is ideal for people who are looking to stay active and get out of the house more often. They also help to bring communities together in ways that would not otherwise be possible. Adults can grow friendships that can be maintained via the center and out in the community. They make a big difference in the lives of many people.

Most of the people who attend the Center for Active Living live in their own homes and enjoy the many benefits the center brings. The true purpose of ACCOA Center for Active Living is to enrich the lives of older adults by providing things they might need but are not getting in their everyday life. The Center takes helps older adults become more self-sufficient, by staying active, exercising your mind and body, and having a community of supportive individuals, they can stay healthier and independent longer.

When Should You Join the Center?

Other than the fact that you must wait until you are at least 55 years old to join the Center for Active Living, there is no right or wrong time to join.  The decision is based on your personal needs and wants and current quality of life. If you find yourself feeling lonely, having nothing to do, or lacking a sense of community, attending a program at the Center for Active Living is a perfect idea.

Even if you do not feel as if you are missing something, attending the Center for Active Living will benefit you in many ways. Research shows that many programs offered by the Center can help delay chronic illness, manage, and improve symptoms of an illness or even prevent diseases.

ACCOA Center for Active Living is not just a place for “old people”, it is a place where individuals come together to have fun, learn new things, and share experiences.

There is a wide range of programs and services provided. 


We hope this has helped you understand what the ACCOA Center for Active Living can do for you. Getting involved at the Center will enrich your life by introducing you to different activities, connecting you with new people, and helping you lead a better life. We strongly recommend that you contact the Centers and explore their programs and talk to other members.  

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