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ACCOA Valentine's Day Party 2023

We enjoyed a full-house this year at our Valentine's Day dinner celebration. Entertainment was supplied by a local entertainer Valerie Marini. She has a superb voice and it showed in her performance. Most dressed for the occasion and enjoyed chocolate strawberries, pretzels, and strawberries dipped in a chocolate fountain. Entertainment lasted for an hour and was followed by a delicious dinner catered by Wicked Artichoke. Dinner included wrapped tenderloin, garlic mashed redskin potatoes, carrots and a chocolate raspberry bomb dessert.

ACCOA Center for Active Living has a habit of creating enjoyable events like this for most of the holidays and other special occasions. Check the calendar page on the website to stay in touch with what is happening. Or, become a member to receive a monthly newsletter that includes descriptions and dates for all our upcoming activities. Come in for cards and games or schedule an out-of-town trip with our Happy Travelers program. There are many ways to be occupied and participate in activities where you can make new friends and have fun. The local bus line stops at our center for pickup and drop off if you live close


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